New Hampshire Rope Tow Struggles
Three areas are without lift service amidst plentiful natural snow due to mechanical issues.
Monday, February 9, 2015,

While a steady stream of snow storms has left non-snowmaking areas in great shape, three New Hampshire rope tow areas are without lift service at the moment.

On Saturday, February 7, just before its three decades in the making reopening, Mt. Eustis's portable rope tow suffered a generator fuel injection pump failure. Volunteers are hoping to have the area operational on February 14.

On Sunday, February 8, nearby Mt. Prospect's rope tow motor failed. No repair timeline has been announced, however volunteers intend to keep the area open for those willing to hike up.

On Monday, February 9, Red Hill Ski Club's rope tow snapped. Volunteers carried the rope into a heated building to thaw it while arrangements are made for repair. The club hopes to have the tow operational on February 14.

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