Smaller Ski Areas Struggling to Open
Areas that did not capitalize on November snowfall and cold temperatures unable to open in December.
Sunday, January 4, 2015,

During a cold, snowy November, some fatalistic ski area operators took the wintery early window as a sign that mild weather was approaching. As a result, some areas made significant snow earlier than normal, while some non-snowmaking areas operated their lifts Thanksgiving week.

When December ushered in warm, rainy weather, many areas with stockpiled snow were able to remain operable. Those who waited were unable to find adequate December snowmaking opportunities and thus had little to no Christmas Week revenue.

Plagued by continued construction delays from near complete rebuild, Maine's Camden Snow Bowl was unable to operate its snowmaking pumps until January 2. There is no word as to whether its chairlifts have been inspected, as installation was ongoing throughout December. Unable to open to date, Camden has been working to provide its passholders with discounts at other Maine ski areas.

Operating on a very tight budget, New Hampshire's Whaleback was unable to stockpile snow in November and thus has yet to open. The non-profit is hoping to open before mid-January.

In the midst of a grass roots campaign to save it from closure, Maine's Lost Valley was not able to start snowmaking until late December. The area opened on January 1.

Some natural snowfall ski areas, such as Campton Mountain, Mt. Greylock, and Red Hill, spun their lifts in November, giving their skiers some runs prior to the loss of natural snowpack. Many other natural areas were not ready to operate in November and thus have yet to open for the 2014-15 season.

Though it picked up significant snowfall early in the season, New Hampshire's Mt. Prospect has yet to operate, due to an unexpected cancellation of its liability insurance. With its coffers recently drawn down with the installation of a new rope tow, it is increasingly unlikely the area will be able to pay for a costlier new insurance plan and thus may not operate.

New England Ski Areas Not Yet Opened:
Baker Mountain
Camden Snow Bowl
Eaton Mountain
Mt. Jefferson
Powderhouse Hill
Spruce Mountain

New Hampshire
Mt. Prospect
Veterans Memorial

Bellows Falls
Living Memorial
Lyndon Outing Club
Northeast Slopes

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