Whaleback Season to End Early Due to Lift Issue
The non-profit's aging chairlift was in operation for just over a month this winter.
Thursday, March 5, 2020,

Whaleback Double Chairlift

The difficult 2019-20 season will be coming to an early conclusion at Whaleback, as its chairlift is closed for repairs. The area will operate its lower mountain surface lifts until this Sunday.

According to an e-mail from the ski area, a noise that closed the chairlift on Wednesday, February 26 was determined to be the top bullwheel bearings. Though repair work has started, it will not be completed this season due "the weather forecast and timeline for completion of the repairs."

The 1970 Heron-Poma double chairlift did not open until January 18 this season, as a new service brake needed to be installed. Without the chairlift, less than 200 vertical feet of terrain is accessible.

March 8 will be the earliest closing date since 2016, when the area closed on February 28. The latest closing date in recent years was April 1.

Located just off I-89 south of Lebanon, Whaleback has struggled through numerous bankruptcies over its nearly 65 year history. The non-profit Upper Valley Snow Sports Foundation took control of the ski area starting with the 2013-14 season. While significant investments have been made in snowmaking, surface lifts, and lodge renovations, the area has struggled with lift issues, lighting problems, and mid-season thaws.

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