Hayfever Triple at Haystack to Be Removed
The lift is set to be installed at an unnamed mountain this year.
Monday, July 27, 2020,

Hayfever Triple (2015)

The Hayfever Triple at Haystack is set to come down, according to documents recently posted in the Vermont Act 250 Database.

According to an e-mail exchange with Hermitage Members Club's contractor, Stevens & Associates, "the club doesn't really need the hayfever [sic] anymore and it is in need of major repairs."

The e-mail goes on to state that "They have a buyer lined up for the lift. The timeline is very tight because the lift needs to be taken down and re-built at another mountain before this season."

The Schaefer family, owners of Berkshire East and Catamount, were named as consultants to Haystack and Bousquet this spring after the areas were sold to separate buyers. Bousquet Mountain recently announced it would be installing a triple chairlift this year.

The Hayfever Triple was installed new by Poma in 1985 and is 3,335 feet long by 804 feet vertical. The drive was later replaced by SkyTrac under the ownership of the Hermitage Club. The area was shut down in 2018. The holdings of the former Hermitage Club were sold to a group former members in March 2020 for $8 million.

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