Western Massachusetts Construction Ramps Up
Multiple new chairlifts and a new lodge are expected to be ready for the 2021-22 season.
Wednesday, July 28, 2021,

Bousquet, July 2021

Western Massachusetts ski areas continue to be a hotbed of investment, as the 2021 construction season is in full gear.

For the second year in a row, crews are spread all over the grounds at Bousquet. Headlining this year's construction is an all-new base lodge, which is carrying a reported $5 million price tag. Much of the frame for the 15,800 square foot building is now up.

Bousquet, July 2021
Bousquet base area

All chairs are off the Blue Chair, which is being overhauled (including a new haul rope). Meanwhile, J.S. Rae (headquartered near Berkshire East) is continuing the snowmaking pipe replacement project on the slopes. The accelerated two-year project is expected to be complete by the start of the season.

Butternut, July 2021
Paddy Wagon lift line

Ski Butternut is quietly moving forward with a lift replacement project. The 1969 Paddy Wagon double, one of the last Carlevaro & Savio chairlifts, has been removed. According to LiftBlog, a SkyTrac quad will be installed in its place.

Butternut, July 2021
Wonderama lift

The area also has the former Windham Wonderama lift in storage, a 1987 CTEC. Ski Butternut crews are currently executing a project on the Thiokol Overbrook triple.

Though a March announcement hinted at installing a new chairlift and cutting new trails at Berkshire East, no significant construction is expected to take place on the project this year, according to a source at the resort.

Catamount, July 2021
Former Catamount Chair lift line

Sister ski area Catamount continues to be busy, as the Catamount Double has been fully removed. Additional clearing has taken place on that former lift line, as a Garaventa CTEC fixed grip quad purchased from Holiday Valley is reportedly slated for installation. Meanwhile, crews continue to work on the replacement of the Glades double with a fixed grip quad. Some lift line footings appear to be in, while crews focus on site work for the top and bottom terminals.

Catamount, July 2021
Former Catamount Chair lift line

Catamount, July 2021
Glade Chair base terminal

Catamount, July 2021
Glade Chair lift line

Catamount, July 2021
Glade Chair lift line

Updated on July 29 to reflect Berkshire East plans.

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