Jay Peak Tram Reopens
Reopening of the lift appears to contradict situation described in court filed documents.
Saturday, June 25, 2016,

The Jay Peak Aerial Tramway reopened to the public today, just weeks after the court appointed receiver told the United States District Court he needed $4.9 million in order to get the lift operational. The request was approved within days.

The 1966 Von Roll lift was ordered shut down by the Vermont Passenger Tramway Division this spring, citing a long list of repairs and upgrades needed.

At an April 27 press conference, SEC appointed receiver Michael Goldberg questioned if the planned tramway repairs were necessary, suggesting a conflict of interest with the lift company. However, on June 1, the receiver filed a motion to enter into a $4.9 million contract with Doppelmayr, claiming:

"The Court should authorize the Receiver to enter the Contract for the upgrades to the Aerial Tram. The State of Vermont has directed immediate repairs and upgrades to the Aerial Tram, which repairs and upgrades must be completed before further operations of this critical system. The State of Vermont has directed that the Aerial Tram may not be operated until the repairs and upgrades have been completed."

After receiving court approval for the $4.9 million contract, Jay Peak disclosed, "work isn't scheduled to begin until the spring of 2017 and is not required for operations this summer or for the coming winter."

The receiver also filed a May 31 letter from Vermont Passenger Tramway Division Director Stephen Monahan that declared the "following work must be satisfactorily completed, or otherwise approved before operating the Tram" including tower engineering, anchor fixations upgrades, redo track rope saddles, new power and control cabinets, new touch screen panels, new electrical controls and drive components, new wiring with drawings, new evac drive, new hydraulic brake system, two new carriages, replace cabin hangers.

The receiver's court filed contract with Doppelmayr states the "Anticipated start date is between April 1, 2017 and April 15, 2017" due to a 7 to 9 month manufacturing timeframe.

A lift inspection last week revealed a "hairline crack to one of the components of one of the tram carriage," which was reportedly repaired prior to the reopening today.

Jay Peak Aerial Tramway (2015 file photo)
Jay Peak Aerial Tramway (2015 file photo)

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