Catamount Hotel Running Into Zoning Roadblocks
Copake Zoning Board of Appeals has refused to grant special use permit.
Wednesday, October 22, 2014,

At a September 25, 2014 meeting of the Copake Zoning Board of Appeals, a 2 to 2 vote resulted in the group not granting a special use permit for the Berkshire Mountain Club at Catamount. As a result, locals are now asking the board to reconsider their decision. According to the Hudson Register-Star, dozens attended a pro-Catamount meeting on Monday, October 20.

Prior to the permit roadblock, BBL Construction Services LLC was planning to start construction in spring 2015. It is not known if or when constructed could be formally postponed.

Phase one construction is expected to produce 66 units for fractional or full ownership, opening in July 2016. Nearly one hundred more units could be constructed in subsequent phases. Prices are expected to start at $50,000 per 1/5th of a share of a unit. Rock Solid Development LLC is undertaking the project in conjunction with Catamount Ski Resort. While the ski area is located in both Massachusetts and New York, the hotel will be solely in the Empire State.

Future development at Catamount may include two more chairlifts and over half a dozen new trails.

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