Ski Areas Closing Due to COVID-19 Coronavirus
Berkshire East and Catamount have announced they are closed for the season to help contain the spread of the virus.
Thursday, March 12, 2020,


Berkshire East and Catamount have closed for the season due to COVID-19 Coronavirus, General Manager Jon Schaefer announced today. The resorts are the first in New England to close due to the pandemic. Earlier this week, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts declared a State of Emergency.

In a letter posted this morning, Schaefer stated, "no known Berkshire East or Catamount customers or employees have been effected by this illness, but as the GM of these businesses, I have a responsibility to my employees and my customers to act swiftly to contain any potential virus spread in areas that I can control."

Schaefer went on to say, "My role in this business was given to me by my father who loves being at the mountain every day. His demographics put him at a higher risk than others. If I can't recommend that he visit his facility, how can I ask anyone else to do the same?"

Schaefer continued, "Lastly, this is personal, I'm related to medical professionals working in hospitals with active outbreaks. We shut down out of love and support for these people and the staffs in these hospitals."

Both ski areas had made snow this month and were planning to continue operations, despite mild, rainy weather. Berkshire East will close at 4 PM today with 29 of its 33 trails open.

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