Coos County Still Working on Balsams Zoning; Otten to Open Restaurant at Sunday River
Fall 2016 Balsams groundbreaking may be in jeopardy.
Friday, October 9, 2015,

With the twice-postponed Balsams groundbreaking date quickly approaching, the developers are still attempting to get approval from the Coos County Planning Board.

In its September meetings, the Planning Board decided it could not accept the second Balsams application, as the decades long master plan was not consistent with the board's short term oversight. As a result, "[a] decision was made at the September 9, 2015 meeting that the Board will work on amending the zoning ordinance by adding a resort district and converting the Planned Development District (DD-P) ordinance to a more commonly recognized ordinance for Planned Unit Development (PUD). A Resort District 2 Ordinance would be developed by the Board using information and materials submitted by the developer in its two previous Concept Plan submissions."

A public hearing on the zoning changes will be held at the North Country Resource Center in Lancaster on Wednesday, October 21. The Balsams is expected to submit a new application this month.

Meanwhile, lead Balsams developer Les Otten has announced he will be opening a new restaurant with Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer at Sunday River. Rockin' & Roastin' Cafe & Restaurant - At the Mountain is scheduled to open in December at the location of the former Phoenix House & Well. The new establishment will be a coffee house, restaurant, and bar.

Balsams Phase 1 Expansion Map
Balsams Phase 1 Expansion Map

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