Lift Construction Continues as December Starts
Lifts are being constructed in four New England states this year.
Sunday, December 4, 2022,

Ski season is here, but lift construction continues across New England.

Saddleback - Sandy Quad - Partek Fixed Grip Quad
Sandy Quad
The haul rope for the new Sandy Quad has been spliced.

Sunday River - Jordan 8 - Doppelmayr High Speed Eight
Jordan 8
The Jordan 8 is slated to open on December 17.

Catamount - Catamount Quad - Garaventa-CTEC Fixed Grip Quad (Refurbished)
Catamount Quad
The base terminal has been assembled.

New Hampshire
Attitash - Progression Quad - Doppelmayr Fixed Grip Quad
Progression Quad
The Progression Quad debuted on December 2.

Loon - Seven Brothers Quad - Doppelmayr High Speed Quad (Refurbished)
Seven Brothers Quad
The Seven Brothers Quad has experienced supply chain delays, but is still slated to be ready this month.

Waterville Valley - Tecumseh Express - MND High Speed Six
Tecumseh Express
Tecumseh Express
Tecumseh Express
Tecumseh Express
Tecumseh Express
Tecumseh Express
Tecumseh Express
Tecumseh Express
The Tecumseh Express is ready for its load test and is scheduled to open next weekend.

Magic - Black Line Quad - Poma Fixed Grip Quad (Refurbished)
Black Line Quad
The lift is facing further delays due to the state requiring a new haul rope to be installed. Magic is now hoping to have the lift "running at some point this winter."

Mount Snow - Sundance Express - Doppelmayr High Speed Six
Sundance Express
The Sundance Express is expected to open soon. The Sunbrook Express is expected to open toward the end of the month.

Stowe - Sunrise Six - Doppelmayr High Speed Six
Sunrise Six
The lift is expected to open soon.

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