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Balsams Wilderness Ski Area Headlines
Les Otten Purchases Half of Balsams
Les Otten Purchases Half of Balsams
Tuesday, May 9, 2017,
The former American Skiing Company CEO is hoping to start construction this summer.

Older Headlines
  • STUDY: Probability of Lost New England Ski Areas Reopening
  • Balsams Announces $3 Million Loan from Northern Pass
  • At Least $40 Million in Public Financing Needed for Balsams
  • Balsams 2017-18 Opening in Jeopardy
  • Balsams Construction Postponed Again
  • Balsams Developer Les Otten Accused of Pressuring Local Groups into Supporting Northern Pass
  • State to Spend $2.8 Million to Rebuild Balsams Road, Then Transfer to Resort Owners
  • Balsams Requests State to Fund Road Repairs, Then Transfer to Resort
  • Balsams Reopening Being Funded by Northern Pass
  • Balsams Reopening Postponed Again
  • Forest Society Balsams Deal Under Fire
  • Balsams Construction Postponed Again
  • Coos County Still Working on Balsams Zoning; Otten to Open Restaurant at Sunday River
  • Balsams Phase 1 Expansion Map Released
  • Balsams Water Withdrawal Permit Approved
  • Balsams Construction Postponed Again
  • Balsams Construction Postponed
  • Balsams State Bond Bill Signed by Governor
  • Balsams State Bond Bill Expected to be Signed by Governor
  • Balsams State Bond Bill Passed by House
  • Balsams State Bond Bill Clears House Finance Committee
  • New Hampshire Senate Passes Balsams Bond Bill
  • New Hampshire Senate to Vote on Balsams State Bond Bill on March 26
  • Balsams State Bond Bill Delayed
  • Otten Doubles Down on State Funding Guarantee for Balsams

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    Standing LiftsInstalled
    Bungy Chair3F - Partek2002-03    
    Notch Chair3F - Partek2002-03    
    Past LiftsInstalledRemoved After
    Bungy T-BarT - Hall1966-67  2001-02  
    Double Chair2F - Riblet1966-67    
    T-BarT - Hall1969-70  2001-02  

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