Gunstock Suspends Operations Following Management Resignation
The mountain coaster had been closed for repairs.
Thursday, July 21, 2022,

Gunstock, July 2022

Following the coordinated resignation of Gunstock's management team at the Gunstock Area Commission meeting last night, the resort's staff has decided to suspend summer operations. The campground and previously scheduled events will proceed as planned.

The Gunstock Adventure Park consists of zip lines, scenic chairlift rides, and a mountain coaster. Prior to the resignation, the mountain coaster had been closed for mechanical repairs.

Meanwhile, Governor Chris Sununu issued a scathing letter today, calling for the replacement of Gunstock Area Commission and multiple state representatives. According to his letter, Sununu has offered Gunstock's management team "opportunities with our Parks Department and Cannon Mountain."

Norm Silber, one of the state representatives who Governor Sununu condemned, issued a statement today calling the situation "a well-orchestrated and well-financed campaign of disinformation to divert attention from soon to be release [sic] reports from the financial and legal auditors engaged by the Gunstock Area Commission, which reports are expected to be very damaging to the reputations of the resigned commissioner, many of the resigned former staff, and the governor himself."

Gunstock Area Commission chair Peter Ness issued a press release today, stating "The GAC's objectives are to remain open, continue employment of valuable staff, provide guests with exceptional experiences and fulfill the GAC’s obligations to the taxpayers by securing financial stability of the Gunstock Mountain Resort."

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