Gunstock Management Rehired
The Belknap County Delegation appointed a new member of the Gunstock Area Commission last night.
Tuesday, August 2, 2022,

Gunstock, July 27, 2022

The management team of Gunstock reportedly agreed to return to work last night, following the appointment of Denise Conroy to the Gunstock Area Commission, the Laconia Daily Sun reports.

The management team, led by general manager Tom Day, resigned en masse as a "nuclear option" at the July 20 Gunstock Area Commission meeting after not having a table at the meeting chaired by then-commissioner Peter Ness.

Denise Conroy was vocal during the July 20 public comment session, adding that she had never attended a commission meeting before, and that her husband is a ski instructor at Gunstock. Citing her Fortune 500 executive experience, Conroy accused the commission of playing the "white guy game" and suggested the then-commissioners, excepting Jade Wood, were getting paid by Vail for their actions. Conroy was CEO of event-photography company Iconic Group before it was acquired by former Jay Peak financer Raymond James and is currently a performance coach.

At the emergency delegation meeting last night, Conroy was appointed to the Gunstock Area Commission. Delegation chair Mike Sylvia was not present at the meeting, challenging if it was legally called. Delegation Norm Silber, who recently alleged on-going financial and legal audits would reveal "egregious" wrongdoing, was also not present.

Management had reportedly refused to return to work until commission chair Peter Ness and vice chair David Strang resigned. Peter Ness resigned at the Friday Gunstock Area Commission meeting, while Strang reportedly verbally indicated he would resign after the appointment of another commission member. The delegation accepted the resignations of commissioners Ness and Gary Kiedaisch, who had resigned with management on July 20. The delegation also voted to accept the resignation of Strang, though it had not been formally submitted.

Gunstock Reporting Structure

  • Gunstock management returns: County Delegation appoints new GAC member, accepts commissioner resignations, including Strang - Laconia Daily Sun External link

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