Stratton Moving Forward with Snow Bowl Lift Replacement
Alterra is currently working through the state permitting process for the new lift.
Sunday, March 11, 2018,

Snow Bowl Quad in 2017

In a move that would bring high speed lift service to every major complex at Stratton, Alterra is moving forward with the replacement of the Snow Bowl lift. The State of Vermont acknowledged receipt of a $52,635.18 Act 250 fee on Friday. News previously reported on a lift survey being conducted in 2017.

Based upon current fee structure, the new lift project would have a $7.1 million price tag. While no plans have been posted publicly, the project is described as "the removal of the existing Snow Bowl Ski Lift and replacing it with a new lift" with "slightly different locations for the top and bottom terminals."

The current Snow Bowl lift is a 4,877 foot long by 1,380 vertical foot Poma fixed grip quad that was installed in 1986. The Snow Bowl complex features novice, intermediate, and expert terrain and, when the slow chairlift is not operating, has a long run out to the base area.

Stratton's high speed lift infrastructure currently features a 1988 Poma gondola and 4 Doppelmayr-associated six person chairlifts. The most recent lift installation at the Vermont resort was in 2001.

Stratton's parent company was sold last spring to what would become known as Alterra. The company has made Stratton the eastern cornerstone of its new multi-area pass, the Ikon Pass.

March 12, 2018 Update: One day after this story was originally published, Alterra announced the new lift will be a Doppelmayr high speed detachable quad and is expected to be ready for the 2018-19 season.

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