Continued Drought Affecting Some Connecticut Ski Areas
Early bird Woodbury ski area has yet to open.
Wednesday, December 28, 2016,

With Connecticut still in its first ever Drought Watch, the state's ski industry is feeling the impact. While Governor Dannel Malloy has issued a voluntary request to businesses to reduce water demand by 15%, others are feeling the impact of local or natural limitations.

Connecticut Drought Watch Map

Ski Sundown was forced to postpone its opening day from the weekend of December 17 to December 23, citing "drought conditions affecting our water supply." The area reportedly relies upon a brook to fill its snowmaking pond. Ski Sundown is currently advertising 9 of 16 trails open. In 2015-16, Ski Sundown was one of the first areas to be 100% open in New England.

Woodbury, December 28, 2016
Woodbury, December 28, 2016

Woodbury Ski Area has yet to open or make significant snow. In previous seasons, Woodbury has leveraged its powerful snowmaking system to open as early as October. According to a recent Facebook posting, Woodbury has "delayed opening at this time due to lack of snowmaking water. This is a result of on going drought conditions in our area."

Mohawk, Powder Ridge, and Mt. Southington all opened on December 17.

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