Lift Construction Continues as July Arrives
New lifts are being installed in three states.
Friday, July 5, 2024,

Concrete progress has been seen thus far this summer, as crews work to install new lifts in three states.

2024 New England Ski Lift Projects

Ski Sundown

The base terminal footing for Ski Sundown's new SkyTrac quad has been poured. Equipped with a loading carpet, the fixed grip lift replaces a 1977 Borvig triple.

Big Rock

Many hours to the north, Big Rock also has a base terminal footing taking shape. A new Doppelmayr fixed grip quad will serve the main mountain while the North Star Double, a 1970s Mueller, will remain in place in the interim.

Lost Valley has been making way for its new Chair 3, recently relocating a Borvig triple chairlift in storage. The 1976 Hall to be installed was removed from Mt. Southington last summer.

Pleasant Mountain has taken delivery of additional components for its new high speed quad. The former Jordan Bowl Express has been staged near Pleasant since its removal from Sunday River and will be significantly refurbished for the installation. The lift replaces the CTEC loading carpet Summit Express Triple.

Berkshire East

Berkshire East continues to remove the Mountain Top Triple, with only the towers remaining. Made redundant with the installation of the T-Bar Express Quad last year, the lift could be reinstalled on a new face of the mountain in the future.

Sugarbush has completed significant excavation as it works to replace its Heaven's Gate triple with a new Doppelmayr loading carpet quad. The regraded top terminal area is expected to eliminate an uphill egress.

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