Trail Widening Project in Progress at Whaleback
New ownership is trying to modernize existing facilities and trails during first full off season.
Saturday, October 18, 2014,

Capping an off season of many under-the-hood changes, a project visible from I-89 is now underway at Whaleback.

Starting in early October, a multi-trail widening project has been underway, including Scrimshaw and Spout. Ivory Run is also rumored to be slated for significant reworking. The widening is expected to improve the skiing experience for novices, as well as allow for better grooming and snowmaking.

In addition to the trail widening, improvements are expected to be wrapped up on the lodge and snowmaking system. Parts have also been acquired for a potential future surface lift installation.

Located on I-89 just south of Lebanon, Whaleback had a rocky history involving multiple closures. The Upper Valley Snow Sports Foundation was founded in mid 2013 and took control of the then-bankrupt ski area in November. Following the recruitment of industry veterans to operate the area and rapid construction projects to get the facilities back up to code, Whaleback reopened in December 2013 and had a successful first season under non-profit ownership.

Trail widening at Whaleback

Trail widening at Whaleback

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