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Waterville Valley Resort Headlines
Lift Construction Continues as October Arrives
Lift Construction Continues as October Arrives
Sunday, October 1, 2017,
Lifts are being installed in three states.

Older Headlines
  • High Country Lift Replacement Underway at Waterville Valley
  • Construction Ramps Up as Ski Season Nears
  • Trail Work Projects Underway in New England
  • Summer Lift Construction Continues in New England
  • New England Lift Construction Projects in Various Stages
  • Waterville Valley Proposes New High Country T-Bar
  • Waterville Valley Founder Tom Corcoran Passes Away
  • Green Peak Construction Continues at Waterville Valley
  • New Hampshire Governor Faces Ethics Complaint After Waterville Valley Tweet
  • Snow's Mountain Reopens for One Day
  • Snow's Mountain to Reopen Saturday
  • Green Peak Grand Opening Set for Saturday
  • Waterville Valley Proposes Removing J-Bar Lift
  • Waterville Valley High Country Chairlift Evacuated for Third Time this Month
  • New Green Peak Trail Set to Debut at Waterville Valley on Saturday
  • Lift Construction Continues into New Year
  • 2016 Lift Install Season Tied for Worst in History
  • Lift Installation Projects Continue as December Approaches
  • Waterville Valley Announces Resignation of CEO Chris Sununu
  • Lift Installation Projects Continue as Ski Season Approaches
  • Waterville Valley CEO Chris Sununu Elected Governor
  • Green Peak Construction Continues as Ski Season Approaches
  • Green Peak Turns White as Construction Continues at Waterville Valley
  • New England Lift Construction Projects Progressing
  • Initial Lift Construction Work Continues at Waterville Valley

  • Lifts
    Click on lift name for information and photos
    Standing LiftsInstalled
    Exhibition LiftP - Stadeli1984-85    
    Green Peak Triple3F - Albertsson-Stadeli-Doppelmayr2016-17    
    High Country Double2F - Stadeli1966-67    
    High Country T-BarT - LST2017-18    
    Lower Meadows Double2F - Stadeli1966-67    
    Northside Double2F - Stadeli1982-83    
    Quadzilla4D - Doppelmayr1997-98    
    Sunnyside Triple3F - Stadeli1979-80    
    White Peaks Quad4D - Poma1988-89    
    World Cup T-BarT - Hopkins1967-68    
    Past LiftsInstalledRemoved After
    Pasture J-BarJ - Hopkins1966-67  2016-17  
    Sunnyside Double2F - Stadeli1969-70  1978-79  
    Valley Run Double2F - Stadeli1966-67  1996-97  
    Village Triple3F - Borvig1977-78  1996-97  
    White Peak Double2F - Stadeli1966-67  1987-88  
    World Cup Triple3F - Albertsson-Stadeli-Doppelmayr1985-86  2015-16  

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