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Sugarloaf Mountain Resort Headlines
Sugarloaf Mogul Course Worker Dies After Fall
Sugarloaf Mogul Course Worker Dies After Fall
Friday, March 3, 2017,
The tragedy is the third ski resort employee fatality in New England this season.

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  • April Snowmaking in Progress at Sugarloaf
  • West Virginia Lift Accident Prompts Modifications to At Least Two Lifts in New England
  • New Lifts Slow to Open
  • Sugarloaf to Remove Bucksaw Chairlift
  • Sugarloaf Announces Fixed Grip Chairlift Projects
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  • Sugarloaf King Pine Chairlift to Remain Closed for Rest of Season
  • Sugarloaf Blames Lift Manufacturer for Rollback Brake Failure
  • Preliminary Sugarloaf King Pine Chairlift Investigation Cites Multiple Mechanical Failures
  • Sugarloaf Chairlift Rollback Results in 7 Injuries
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  • Three Areas to Operate This Weekend
  • Sunday River, Sugarloaf, and Bretton Woods Fire Up Snowguns
  • Sugarloaf's General Manager to Retire

  • Lifts
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    Standing LiftsInstalled
    Bateau T-BarT - Constam-Doppelmayr-Borvig1956-57    
    Double Runner East2F - Borvig1974-75    
    Double Runner West2F - Borvig1973-74    
    King Pine Quad4F - Borvig-Doppelmayr1988-89    
    Sawduster Double2F - Stadeli1970-71    
    Skidway Double2F - Borvig1988-89    
    Skyline Quad4F - Doppelmayr-CTEC2011-12    
    Snubber Triple3F - Borvig1985-86    
    SuperQuad4D - Garaventa CTEC1994-95    
    Timberline Quad4F - Borvig-Partek1997-98    
    West Mountain Double2F - Borvig1984-85    
    Whiffletree Quad4D - Garaventa-CTEC1997-98    
    Past LiftsInstalledRemoved After
    Bucksaw Double2F - Stadeli1969-70  2014-15  
    Gondola4G - PHB1965-66  1996-97  
    King Pine T-BarT - Constam1961-62  1990s  
    No. 1 T-BarT - 1959-60  1987-88  
    No. 2 T-BarT - Constam1955-56  1970s  
    Spillway East2F - Borvig1975-76  2010-11  
    Spillway West2F - Borvig1983-84  2010-11  
    Timberline T-BarT - Stadeli1971-72  1980s  
    Timberwind Double2F - Borvig1981-82  1984-85  
    Whiffletree Quad4F - Borvig1988-89  1996-97  
    Whiffletree T-BarT - Constam1961-62  1987-88  

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