Gateway Hills Snow Park Partially Redeveloped
The small ski area may reopen with adequate natural snowfall.
Thursday, September 16, 2021,

Idle for more than three years, the western end of the Gateway Hills Snow Park has been redeveloped as a new apartment complex.

Gateway Hills

Talk of Gateway Hills Snow Park first emerged in the fall of 2016 when John Flatley Company began seeking approvals to construct a small ski area at its Nashua Technology Park property. In December 2016, a 250 foot long by 40 foot vertical Magic Carpet lift was constructed, bisecting two novice slopes. Lights and a temporary trailer were also installed.

Gateway Hills

The ski area briefly operated on natural snow for the 2016-17 and 2017-18 ski seasons. Though there were plans for potential expansion, the ski area has remained idle since February 2018. The area's web site and Facebook page have subsequently been deactivated.

Gateway Hills

As of September 2021, the Magic Carpet is still in place. The eastern side of the ski slope remains unaffected, while a portion of the western slope is no longer skiable. According to a spokesperson at Gateway Hills, the ski area could reopen if there is adequate natural snowfall.

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