Loon Lift Project Already Underway
The Kanc 8 is expected to be the largest new lift project in New England this year.
Thursday, April 15, 2021,

Kanc Quad Removal
Kanc Quad removal, April 14 2021

Taking no chances after losing the 2020 construction season due to COVID-19 restrictions, Loon is moving full-steam-ahead on its Kanc 8 lift project.

Deconstruction of the existing Doppelmayr high speed quad started almost immediately after the lift's closing day of March 28. As of April 14, only the towers remain. The outgoing Kancamagus Quad is expected to replace the Seven Brothers Triple in the near term future.

In its place will be a new Doppelmayr D-Line bubble chairlift, which will feature heated seats, automatic safety bars, and an adjustable loading carpet. The first eight-person chairlift in the east, the Kanc 8 was already purchased last year when COVID-19 restrictions put the installation timeline in jeopardy.

Part of the Flight Path 2030 plan, other projects slated for the next five years include a redeveloped West Basin area, an expanded summit cafeteria, a new North Peak trail, and an upgraded Lincoln Express lift.

Kanc Quad Removal
Kanc Quad removal, April 4 2021

Kanc Quad Removal
Kanc Quad Removal

Kanc Quad Removal
Kanc Quad removal, April 14 2021

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