2020 Lift Construction Season Weakest in Modern History
Only three lifts were installed across New England for the 2020-21 season.
Tuesday, March 23, 2021,

Saddleback Rangeley Quad

Slowed by COVID restrictions, only three aerial lifts were completed for the 2020-21 season, tying it with 2013 and 2007 as the weakest construction season in modern history. One lift, the Black Line Quad at Magic, remains under construction with a debut date now scheduled for the 2021-22 season.

Lift Installations by State

New lifts were evenly distributed in three states.

Lift Installations by Manufacturer

Though Doppelmayr had been the dominant installer of new lifts in New England over the past decade, 2020-21 once again saw an even split with Leitner-Poma (though Leitner Poma's project was a T-Bar).

Lift Installations by Type

2020-21 Lift Projects

Proposed 2021-22 Lift Installations
Berkshire East - North Face
Catamount - Glades
Catamount - Unnamed
Loon - Detachable Eight Place (New Doppelmayr)
Magic - Black Line Quad (Refurbished Poma)
Okemo - Detachable Six Pack (New Leitner Poma)
Okemo - Detachable Quad (Refurbished Poma)
Saddleback - Cupsuptic T-Bar
Sunday River - Merrill Hill Triple (Doppelmayr)

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