Vermont Lift Ticket Prices Increase 8%
The average weekend non-holiday adult ticket price is now $105
Sunday, December 20, 2020,

Vermont Ski Lift Ticket Prices

Amidst the fallout from COVID-19 capacity and travel restrictions, Vermont lift ticket prices have jumped 8% as compared to last winter. The average weekend full day adult lift ticket at a chairlift served area has climbed to $105.40. Seven areas have retail lift ticket prices greater than $100 per day.

Vail Resorts does not publish ticket window rates, so non-holiday prices referenced in the online store were used for Okemo, Mt. Snow, and Stowe. In addition, Vail, Alterra, and Magic Mountain apply state sales tax on top of their advertised ticket prices.

Killington zoomed past Stowe for most expensive in the state, with its ticket plus RFID fee jumping from $130 to $170 per day. Quechee is still the cheapest chairlift area in the state, holding at $49 per day.

The mean price for 2020-21 is $105.40, as compared to $97.15 in 2019-20. The median price is $92.00, a 3% increase over last season's $89.

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