Cold Weather Brings Widespread Snowmaking
Snowmaking took place overnight at areas from Massachusetts to Maine.
Wednesday, November 18, 2020,

Berkshire East, November 18, 2020

Though lifts have yet to turn for skiers this fall in New England, ski areas in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont have been making snow as temperatures allow.

Multiple areas could have opened earlier this fall, however COVID-19 has resulted in a more measured approach to starting operations. Rather than operate with limited upper-mountain terrain, some ski areas are opting to get multiple top-to-bottom routes ready before opening.

The last time northern New England had an opening this late was 2006-07, when Sugarloaf started the season on November 20. Woodbury opened in Connecticut that season on November 3. At the end of its tenure with the American Skiing Company, Killington did not open until November 23 in 2006-07.

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