New Hampshire Issues COVID-19 Ski Area Regulations
The Live Free or Die State will require face masks and will prohibit anyone with a runny nose from going to a ski area.
Sunday, October 4, 2020,


The State of New Hampshire issued its Governor's Economic Reopening Taskforce guidelines for ski areas on Friday, putting in place strict COVID-19 measures this winter. The guidance originated with a document submitted to the taskforce by the Ski New Hampshire trade association.

All ski area guests will be required to wear a cloth face covering over their mouths and noses, unless eating/drinking while seated, or descending a ski trail.

Prior to accessing their pass each day, all ski area guests must answer COVID screening questions. If the guest answers yes to any question (including if they have a runny nose), they will be asked to come back another day.

Boot bags and lunch coolers are discouraged from being brought into any building.

Face masks are required for lift rides. Placing strangers on a lift together is "strongly discouraged."

Loon's four person gondola windows shall remain open and no singles line is allowed. Only cohorts are allowed to ride together. Bretton Woods' eight person gondola windows shall remain open and only two unrelated riders may share a cabin. No requirements were set for the state's tramway at Cannon Mountain.

Facility capacity limits are to be established, but no ticket or pass capacity limitations are stated.

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