Ascutney T-Bar Installation Postponed
The project has been plagued by permitting delays and early season snow.
Thursday, November 29, 2018,

Ascutney T-Bar

Ascutney's new T-Bar won't be completed until the spring, according to a Facebook post by Ascutney Trails today.

"With tireless effort under difficult conditions, Glenn Seward and the crew from Pfister Mountain Services have installed a number of the cement pads for the T-bar lift. We'd been holding out hope that Mother Nature would give us a period of clear skies and dry land to finish the job in time for this coming season. However, with the recent snowfall, we determined that it is not safe to be on the hill with large equipment and that our window has passed. Installation is scheduled to be completed in the spring. For this season, the rope tow will be ready to go and we are putting the final touches on the tubing lift. We look forward to seeing you on the mountain!"

The start of the project was significantly delayed by the cumbersome Vermont Act 250 progress, which also led to the Magic Mountain Quad being postponed. Ascutney did not receive its permit until September 20, after which point construction commenced. Footings have been poured and towers have been prepared.

The 1,761 foot long refurbished Doppelmayr lift will provide lift service to terrain similar to the 1950s footprint of the ski area. Skiing will still take place this winter with the existing rope tow and new base lodge.

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