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REPORT:  Sugarbush Moving Ahead with Valley House Chairlift Replacement
REPORT: Sugarbush Moving Ahead with Valley House Chairlift Replacement
New fixed grip quad would replace Sugarbush's oldest chairlift.
Monday, March 2, 2015,
Postponed in 2014 due to resort-wide lift issues, it appears the Valley House Double at Sugarbush will be replaced in 2015. Various web posts from Sugarbush's Win Smith this winter indicate a contract has been signed for Doppelmayr to replace the 1960 Carlevaro & Savio (later modified with Borvig and Poma equipment) with a new fixed grip quad chairlift.

Sugarbush originally presented the replacement to the United States Forest Service as a 2014 project and received approval on March 3, 2014. The new quad is expected to reduce congestion on other Sugarbush South base area lifts. Removal of the double chairlift could begin this spring.

Valley House Double

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